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Please note that we are closed from March 1 to 19. During this period we take calls every day between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Treatment rates

Put on your bathrobe and wait in the comfort of your own room for the massage therapist to arrive. There you can enjoy the view and treat yourself to a cocktail if you wish (not included with your massage). Relax and fill out the health questionnaire while the massage therapist sets up the massage table, heated blanket and spa music. After your massage, you can continue your relaxation in your room and take a nap if you wish.
To help you choose your experience, here is a brief description of the types of massages and treatments offered in your room!
Swedish Relaxation:
One of the most widely enjoyed massages in the world, the Swedish massage treats both mind and body! It can be done for overall relaxation or deeper muscle work.
Therapeutic Sport:
Swedish massage that works on specific tensions to reduce chronic pain.
Expectant Mother:
Swedish massage specially adapted for pregnant women eliminates gestational stresses such as anxiety over impending motherhood or accepting the physical changes that come with growing new life.
***12 weeks and + only. Without essential oils.***
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi
Do you dream of a massage on a beach in Hawaii? This traditional Hawaiian massage is for you!
4 Hands Escape:
The perfect massage to spirit you away from everyday stress. The ultimate relaxation experience. One body, two therapists, 4 hands.
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We are pleased to enhance your Spa Experience by offering services to the whole family, whether as a couple (alternate or simultaneous massages) or even as a family (2 adults/2 children). We can see all of you during your stay at the Trois Tilleuls.
*Receipts for group insurance available.

Treatment rates
Treatment rates


Swedish relaxation massage: 60 min, 105.00 $

Swedish relaxation massage: 90 min, 145.00 $

Couple massage (1 therapist): 60 min, 185.00 $

Couple massage (1 therapist): 90 min, 260.00 $

Double massage (2 therapists): 60 min, 200.00 $

Double massage (2 therapists): 90 min, 280.00 $

4 hands massage: 60 min, 175.00 $

Family massage: 60 min x 2 adultes, 30 min x 2 kids: 305.00 $

Massage experience: Swedish relaxation, Sport therapeutic, lomi-lomi, Expectant mother*, kids*
*Without essential oils
Couple massage: 1 therapist; 1 person at a time
Duo massage: 2 therapists, simultaneous massage for the couple